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A platform for smart urban transport in the emerging regions of the globe. Integrating formal and informal transport. Connecting cities, operators, and commuters for a sustainable, efficient transport system.

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WIMT Transit API

Our robust logistics and passenger information API has grown up tough. It forms the backbone of our offerings. Here are a few things it is great at:

Journey Planning

Our pathing algorithms are constantly evolving. Currently, the API offers true multi-modal pathfinding and the ability to target either an arrival time or to arrive as soon as possible after a given start time.

Unstructured and semi-structured data

Emerging markets rarely have the infrastructure to produce nicely formatted data feeds. Our API can eat any kind of data for breakfast, and ask for more.


With a UI for creating passenger advisories, feed parsing, and more, we've got announcements covered.

Timetable info

Need a timetable? We love open data, and our API serves timetables hot off the grill.

Crowd Sourcing & Commuter Feedback

Transit isn't only one way. Our API allows your passengers to interact with you. With just a few clicks, receive outage alerts, suggestions, vehicle location reports, and congestion warnings straight from the people who depend on you, and who you depend on.

Coming soon

Maps, live vehicle feeds, a streaming API and more...

keeping cities moving

API Enabled Cities

Are you a transit authority or a developer whose city is not on this list? Don't panic!!
Click here to inquire how integrated commuter data can change your city.

API in action

Some of our favourite projects and products using the WIMT API
  • Through their uniqueness and fresh approach, WhereIsMyTransport have proven strong where conventional public transport solutions have fallen short
    Robin Carlisle
    Former Minister of Transport and Public works, Western Cape Province, South Africa
  • A quality public transport system is not merely access to transport, it is access to opportunity... This app is evidence of how we are pushing the boundaries of traditional governance.
    Patricia de Lille
    Mayor of the City of Cape Town, South Africa
  • As we learn about people’s movement patterns from the app, we gain valuable information to ensure our future investments in public transportation match how people prefer to move around the city.
    Andre Stelzner
    City of Cape Town, CIO
  • This App allows the City of Tshwane the opportunity to integrate old and new transport services, at minimal cost, to the benefit of daily commuters and visitors alike
    Mike Krynauw
    Head of Transport Planning for the City of Tshwane

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About WhereIsMyTransport

WhereIsMyTransport is a rapidly growing company, dedicated to improving and integrating the commuter experience in emerging markets. Inspired by our home town of Cape Town, South Africa, we are determined to turn commuter data into a system that serves cities and users alike.

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